Functions and Effects

Silicon and titanium are a large number of yield-increasing elements required for plant growth

Most plants contain silicon, especially rice and sugarcane, its nutritional effect is considered to be the fourth after N, P and K in recent years. Tests show that the absorption of silica is as high as 150 kg when producing 1,000 kg of rice, exceeding the total absorption of N, P and K by rice. In the ash of rice, wheat, barley, soybean, lentil and fennel, the oxides of seven nutrient elements including N, P and K and Ca, account for over 80% of the ash, among which silicon oxides account for 16 ~ 61.4%.


Bit Silica Plus is a kind of nutrient fertilizer to improve crop quality

Bit Silica Plus significantly improves fruit quality, makes fruit trees strong and increases sugar content. The fruits can be sweet, fragrant and beneficial to human health, and also resistant to storage and transportation. The silicon increases the yield of sugarcane, promotes the accumulation of sugar in stems and improves the sugar making rate in the later stage.


Bit Silica Plus adjusts soil pH and restore soil

Bit Silica Plus adjusts soil pH and soil acidification hardening, restores soil, effectively alleviates continuous cropping barrier, and plays a good role in regulating red hair, green paint, surface alkali turning and heavy metal pollution.


Bit Silica Plus improves the stress resistance of crops

Bit Silica Plus will produce silicide cells, which effectively adjusts the leaf stomata conductivity and control the transpiration; improves the resistance to drought, dry-hot wind and low temperature. Silicon-titanium fertilizer is suitable for early spring crops, such as the production of early rice, early peanuts and vegetables in winter and spring.


Bit Silica Plus is a kind of health-care nutrient fertilizer

Bit Silica Plus improves the soil, soil acidity and soil base, promote the decomposition of organic fertilizer and prevent the breeding of soil germs. For example, the upland of red soil has an acid PH value of 4.5 – 5.2, which lacks of organic matter and calcium and is easy to be hardened. The silicon-titanium fertilizer improves soil and accelerates ripening to increase crop yield. The accumulation of mold and germs will affect the yield and quality of crops if vegetable greenhouse has been planted for more than two years. The silicon-titanium fertilizer effectively prevents the survival and breeding of mold and the mildew of rhizome.

germinated seeds sequence and growth of bean plants

Bit Silica Plus has the function of lodging resistance

Bit Silica Plus makes the stalk strong and tough and shortens the internodes to be resistant to lodging.


Bit Silica Plus enhances the pest-resistant effect of crops

After the absorption of silicon, the crops will form silicide cells, thicken the cell wall on the surface of stem leaf, and increase the cuticle, thus enhancing the pest-resistant and disease-resistant effect, especially the resistance to rice blast, rice false smut, leaf spot, stem rot and bacterial blight. It also reduces the harm of piercing-sucking mouthpart pests such as aphids, mites, red and white spiders, trialeurodes vaporariorum, thripids and planthoppers.


Bit Silica Plus effectively improves the photosynthesis of plants

Bit Silica Plus causes silicification to crop epidermal cells, straightens stems and leaves of crops, reduces shading and thus promotes the leaf photosynthesis. For example, after the application silicon-titanium fertilizer to rice, the leaf angle will be decreased and the canopy photosynthesis will be increased by more than 10%.