About Us

Bit Farm Inc. seated in 1905 130th Ave Vero Beach, FL 32966, is a high-tech fertilizer provider integrating R&D, production and sales. At this stage, the company mainly focuses on the production and sales of small molecule nano silicon-titanium fertilizer, and gradually expands projects, including microbial agent, organic biological bacterial fertilizer, soil conditioner, degradable mulch, ecological herbicide, high-efficiency ecological antibacterial agent and plant protection UAV, striving to create a brand-new green agricultural industry ecosystem!

After years of dedicated research and scientific experiments and combined with advanced agricultural technologies in Germany, Belgium, Japan and other countries, the company has developed small molecule nano Bit Silica Plus fertilizer, which has been tested on over 130 kinds of agricultural plants and Chinese herbal medicines, and applied in large areas with satisfactory results. It is a kind of truly green, environmentally friendly, high-level and fully efficient medium element fertilizer for plant growth regulation.